Jump safely in both the virtual and real worlds!

Our combined simulators and parachute jumps will provide you with a double dose of excitement and adrenaline.

Now about the training

Parachute training in Poland can be started by anyone who meets several requirements outlined in the regulations defined by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Parachute training must be carried out at a training center registered for parachute training. According to the regulations, it consists of two parts: theoretical training and practical training.

Learn more about training and safety issues during training.

Parachute Jump Simulator PSVR-04

Designed to significantly improve the safety of the skydiving training process.

GUARDA Recorder

Every jump is an experience. Remember it precisely…

Instructor’s position: GUIDE

Supervise both real and simulated jumps, even without student visibility…

GURU Transmission System

During training, not everything is visible, but you can stay on the wave…

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