The Parachute Jump Simulator PSVR-04 has been designed to enhance the real level of safety in the skydiving training process. It is one of the products developed as part of the Integrated Parachute Training Assistance System project PSSP-01 carried out by PILC Ltd.

Our simulator operates based on mathematical models of parachutes developed using data recorded during real skydiving jumps. We have made every effort to ensure that phenomena such as canopy control, braking, landing, and navigation are accurately represented to facilitate learning correct responses related to parachute control. Thanks to collaboration with numerous skydiving centers throughout Poland, instructors, and also the Civil Aviation Authority, we are proud to present the results of this collaboration. We strongly believe that the efforts of our team will contribute to improving the safety of skydiving operations.

The optimized design allows for a realistic representation of sensations associated with skydiving, particularly through full visualization using virtual reality goggles, replicating the jumper’s position and landing, as well as wind momentum. Its mobility and entirely Polish construction are significant advantages, allowing us to guarantee that it can be utilized even in small skydiving training centers.

It is equipped with many solutions that are proprietary, innovative developments, for which an experienced project team is responsible. This team comprises individuals with years of experience in aviation training, designing onboard systems, and electronic systems for aviation.

Our team has dedicated years to acquire the knowledge necessary to develop the presented simulator. You, the simulator user, are our top priority. Only you can tell us what you need for the effective implementation of the simulator in your facility. From our side, we declare the ability to customize according to individual orders:

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