Verbal communication is the primary form of communication at the airport, but it is limited to how loudly we can shout. It’s impossible to transmit one’s voice over several kilometers, and yet often skydivers are several kilometers away from the take-off point. To solve this problem, all you need is to use aviation radio, set a common frequency, and communicate using it. However, in practice, even though voice communication is possible, the challenge becomes what to say over the radio. If we are to make rational decisions, they must be based on good situational awareness. From the vantage point of the airfield, our sense of sight allows us to do just that. We can see what someone is doing and react accordingly. However, the situation is not straightforward. Observing what is happening in the air can be difficult: it’s hard to locate a skydiver in the sky, and determining what they are doing requires eagle-eyed vision. With this in mind, we designed the GURU module, which consists of:

  • data transmission module,
  • video transmission module.

They are possible to use as a combined data source for the GUIDE instructor station or separately.

What is unique about our data transmission module? After all, wireless networks work in every home, and high transmission speeds are readily available. However, further questions need to be asked.

  • Will we achieve connectivity to a home Wi-Fi network from several kilometers away?
  • Does the GSM network work when flying in an airplane?
  • Do we realize what the maximum allowable transmitting power is by regulations?
  • developing devices for data transmission,
  • designing dedicated transmission protocols,
  • estimating the budget for radio transmission bandwidth,
  • testing radio transmission systems.
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